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Accessibility has been one of the priorities in the whole development of this website for the town of Benalmadena. The implementation of accessibility criteria facilitates a more universal and equitable access to the information, allowing all users to consult and browse this website, regardless of the device they use or their psychological / physical conditions. In addition to the implementation of the criteria and accessibility guidelines, we have anticipated a series of improvements in the development that we hope will be useful for all users.

Font size:

To improve the display of contents, fonts with a minimum of 12px and high colour contrast have mainly been used. In addition, all texts can be re-sized, varying the configuration or type of display for each browser, smartphone or tablet. From the perspective of visual accessibility, white backgrounds and letters with a range between blue and black have been used in preference.

Compatibility with devices:

To facilitate the display of the website in a wide range of browsers and devices, the site has been developed following the standards set by the W3C and according to which all our pages are appropriately validated and accessible from any device, whether this may be a tablet or smartphone.

In addition, the content has been separated from the presentation by the use of CSS style sheets, although all documents have been structured in a way so that they are perfectly legible in devices that do not support CSS. There is a version which is especially adapted to be displayed from a PDA, tablet or a mobile telephone.

The use of JavaScript elements has been minimized. In the cases in which they have been used, these have followed methodologies that did not jeopardize accessibility.

Improvements in development:

In the same way that an effort was made in the design of the whole website site to implement the accessibility criteria appropriately, we have elaborated a plan of continuous improvement and this has planned the maintenance and update of the site. Among others points, this plan includes the following:

Regular content revision.
An improvement in the compatibility of all types of current and future devices and browsers.
To advance in the development of a universal design, allowing the site to be displayed with substantial improvements in contrast, without this affecting the design.
Its redesign is directed towards an accessible website for everyone, putting special attention on those people with disabilities.

We are open to any suggestions from you, since you are internet users and the purpose for the content of this website. To do so, you can send your suggestions to our email address: [email protected]